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About PopoRecipes

What is PopoRecipes?

PopoRecipes is born from the need to have a complete catalogue of the recipes available in Popmundo, so everyone who is interested in this fascinating world is able to keep up with the existing recipes. It is a useful tool for farmers, for the ones who enjoy cooking, chemistry experts, those who make cigars and cigarettes by hand and even for tailors.

How do I find a particular recipe in this website?

In the homepage there is a table with five columns: ingredients, skill, tools, product and type of product. To find something specific there's a drop-down menu over every column to select what you're looking for. For example, if you're looking for the recipes that use a specific ingredient, you'll only have to open the drop-down menu above that specific column. This way you'll be able to see that the ingredients are sorted by type or category in the first place, and then alphabetically. Select the ingredient you're interested in and automatically* a list of all the recipes which use it will appear (as long as it is recorded in our database).

Once you've use used one filter, you can also filter the recipes by clicking on the links which appear next to the name of each recipe, to sort each of them by skill, tool, product and type of product.

If you click on the name of a recipe (it appears under the ingredient column) you'll be able to see its complete description, which includes the final product obtained, the tool and the skill needed to make it, the time restriction (if there's one) and the needed components.

* If your browser doesn't have JavaScript enable you'll have to click on the Search button.

How do I take a quick look at the recipes related to a certain skill?

In the homepage, in the same way as before, select a skill in the drop-down menu in the column with the same name and a table (a list with all the recipes which need that skill) will appear.

How do I see a list with the recipes that need a specific tool for its elaboration?

In the same way as before, select a tool in the drop-down menu in the tool column and a list with the recipes which need that tool will appear.

How do I know what recipes I can use to make a product from a certain type? And from a certain category?

As we have seen in the last cases, it is enough to select the product or category you wish in the corresponding drop-down menu of the column.

About the recipes

What are the recipes for?

A recipe will enable you to elaborate different handmade products: from cheese to togas through (but not limited to) cakes…

How do I learn a recipe?

The first and most important of all is to have the needed skill for its elaboration. Once you have the skill, you have different options to learn new recipes:

Spending points of experience
To use this method you have to be VIP and have at least two stars in the needed skill. With 5 points of experience you'll learn a random recipe (one you don't have yet) which requires the skill. This method is not recommended if you have all the known recipes of a certain type.
Learning from a master
In this case it is enough to have the required skill, without any stars. The procedure is easy: you need to ask for apprenticeship from a master and (s)he need to accept you as an apprentice (it is not necessary to change your priority to “Learn from my master”). Once you've done this, they have to use the recipes in your presence, with both of you staying in the same locale. You'll learn the ones you didn't know already automatically

Both procedures are valid for any of the existing recipes.

It's worth nothing that there certain recipes you learn together with the skill, automatically.

Which recipes do I learn automatically?

How do I get new masters to learn new recipes?

If you're interested in learning a new recipe you have the advantage of being able to look for it in this website. After clicking on the recipe's name you'll see it's complete description, and if you're a registered user a “Who has this recipe?” option will become available to you. This shows what users registered in this website (who have chosen to share their recipes) have it. Here you have more information about the sharing of recipes in this website.

And what's more important, it is very recommended that you read your city's forum. Usually there are programmed periodic classes and sometimes even a recipe party in certain dates.

How do I make a product using a recipe?

Once you've learnt a recipe, you'll need to get the ingredients needed for it, as well as the tool necessary for its elaboration. For example, if you wish to prepare a delicious caffè latte you'll need a coffee bean, milk and a kettle. When you have everything ready, look at the recipe and click on “Alright, make this!”. Immediately afterwards you'll have the product you wanted among your items.

Are the products useful in any way? Can I have one even though I wasn't the one who made it?

Some products have special uses, like boosting your mood (temporarily or permanently), raise your fame or… getting drunk. A lot of bar, grocery shop and generic shop owners sell these kind of items, like costumes, cigars or meals.

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