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Concerning Poporecursos

What is Poporecursos?
Poporecursos is born of the need for a complete catalog of available resources in Popmundo, so that anyone who wat to go after them can have an easy way to know where to get each one. In recent times it has become a useful tool for all those lovers of cooking and making cigarettes.
What is a resource?
We call resource to plants, trees, animals or insects that we can find on parks and countrysides in the cities of Popmundo.
How can I find a resource on the Web?
At home, there is a table with four columns: Resource, Type, Place and City. By default, the resources are sorted by city. To help you find something specific, there is a dropdown select box on top of each column, so you can select what you're looking for. For example, if you open the selection box of Resources column, you will find all the available resources inn Popmundo sorted by type and alfabetical order. Select the resource you are looking for and you will automatically* see a list with the resource, if it is added, and the place or places where it can be found.
*If your browser does not support JavaScript, you must click on the Filter Button.
How can I see a local's resources?
At home, as in the case above, choose a local on the selection box on the column place and you will see a table with all the resources found on that place. If you click on the name of the city, you will see the resources on a tree-schema, with the number of resources it has on every type.
How can I see the resources of an entire city?
At home, as in the case above, select a city on the city's column listbox and you will see a table with all the resources of the city, and the place where they are. If you click on the name of the city, you will see the resources of that city listed on a tree-schema.
How can I obtain a list of only plants, or animals, or insects?
The same way as in previous cases, select the type of resource on the type's column listbox, por example animals, and you will see a table where there are only animals.

Concerning resources

I have the Basic Botanic skill, but I can't find any of the plants listed on Poporecursos.
To find plants and trees listed on Poporecursos, you need the Advanced Botanic skill. With Basic Botanic you can only find herbs.
What do I need to get rare plants?
You need the Advanced Botanic skill, that you can get from a teacher or visiting the two secret Gates: Helsinki's Gate or the Gate of Guaranis (see Popoquest). Once you get it, buy a knife, change your priority to search for weird plants and go to the countryside of some city. A more stars you have on the skill, more plants you will find.
What do I need to capture wild animals?
You need the skill Capturing Animals, which you can find on Steve Irwin's Zoo in the secret route of Melbourne (see Popoquest) or from a teacher. After that, buy a jail, go to a countryside or park of some city which has animal resources, set the priority on capture wild animals and wait... As before, the more stars you have, the more probable is you capture an animal.
What do I need to capture insects?
You need the Entomology skill, which you can get by buying the book Entomology for all or learning from a master. Once you have it, buy an insect net and go to a countryside or park which has resources for insects, change your priority to capture insects and wait... Same as before about the stars on skills.
How can I know which kind of resources there are on a countryside or park?
You can see it on this web, near the type of resources you will see numbers like these: (5/6). That means there are 6 resources and 5 have been found. You can also see it directly going to the local and clicking on General Information. If you have luck, you will see a text like this: You notice that some people here are carrying around equipment necessary to look for rare plants and capture insects. You may want to check out the Resources for this locale.Clicking on the Resources link on that text, you will see how many resources there are for each type:
This place contains unique resources that you may be able to access if you have the necessary skills and carry the required equipment.
Search for weird plants (7 resources)
Capture insects (6 resources)
Choosing the correct priority and standing on this local enough time, you will try to access to certain resources. Notice that some resources are very difficult to get and it may be necessary that you spend here a lot of time before you can get them.
What can I do with plants, animals and insects I get?
You can simply sell them, use them to make some cooking or collect them.